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Police Service Board

Board Composition and How to Become a Member

Kingston's population dictates that its Police Service Board consist of five members:  two appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council and three appointed by Kingston City Council (the Mayor and one Councillor appointed by Council resolution, as well as one person appointed by Council resolution who is neither a member of Council nor an employee of the municipality).

A judge, a justice of the peace, a police officer, or a person who practises criminal law as a defence counsel may not be a member of a police services board.

Order in Council appointments are made through the Province of Ontario Public Appointments Secretariat.  Information on this process may be obtained from the Province's website.

Advertisements for and appointments of community members by City Council are coordinated by the City Clerk's Office, City of Kingston.

Applicants for appointments to the Board should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the police community, its values, and its needs; superior skills in leadership and management; administrative and budgetary experience; skills in conflict management, negotiation, and mediation; an ability to set organizational goals and priorities; and an ability to meet the significant time commitments of the position.

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