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Police Service Board

By-laws and Policies

Kingston Police Services Board Policy Manual

Appendix A - By-Law 21-49 - KPSB Rules of Procedure

Appendix B - Policy Respecting the Administration of the Complaints System

Appendix C - Policy to Establish Guidelines for Reports from the Chief of Police on Disclosures and Decisions Related to Secondary      Activities

Appendix D - Commendation Policy

Appendix E - Protocol for the Sharing of Information between the Kingston Police Services Board and The Corporation of the City of    Kingston

Appendix F - Employment Policies

Appendix G - Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Appendix H - Tuition Reimbursement Policy

Appendix I - By-Law 06-69 - A By-Law to Outline Responsibilities under the Municipal Freedom and Information and Protection of       Privacy   Act and for the Management of Police Records

Appendix K - Policy on Investigative Rewards

Appendix L - By-Law Relating to Fees and Charges for Services or Activities Provided by the Kingston Police

Appendix M - Policy under Regulation 58/16 under the Police Services Act, Collection of Identifying Information in Certain Circumstances - Prohibition and Duties

Appendix N - Policy on Use of Board Resources During an Election Period

Appendix O - Policy Respecting the Disposition of Unclaimed Property in the Possession of the Kingston Police

Appendix P - Policy Regarding the Complaints Process for Board Member Conduct

Appendix Q - Policy Regarding a Performance Review System for the Chief of Police

Appendix R - Policy to Regulate Hearings Before the Board

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