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"The Forensic Identification Unit of the Digital World."

Technological Crimes, or ‘E-Crimes’ is an assistance unit, similar in function to the Forensic Identification Unit, rather than a specifically investigatory unit. They are tasked with supporting other criminal investigative units, like the Fraud Unit or the Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) Unit, by gathering digital evidence from seized technological devices. 

E-Crimes Detectives are sworn Police Officers who are specially trained with advanced courses in the field of cybercrime. Courses in computer forensics, mobile device acquisition, internet evidence collection and other courses provide these Detectives with the sophisticated knowledge to search for, and extract, relevant evidentiary data from various digital devices. 

E-Crimes Detectives perform searches and extractions on all cell phones, computers, digital devices, and other similar kit. As technology advances and new forms become available, E-Crimes Detectives stay on top of developments through continuous learning as well as lessons-learned that are shared amongst partner agencies. 

E-Crimes Detectives responsibilities include analyzing technological devices to extract specific data sets, and then analyzing those same data sets for general patterns or specific proof. As Court-designated subject matter experts, E-Crimes Detectives will report on their findings for the investigation and will be called upon to testify in Court. They officially remain impartial and objective and search for evidence where and when a warrant allows, and report back on its presence or absence. 


Do you have what it takes?

Successful applicants to this unit should have extensive experience with computers and various other forms of technology. This can come in the form of previous work experience, being an advanced hobbyist, or having a formal education in computer science. 

Candidates will ideally also have some experience testifying in Court. They must be driven, self-motivated, and able to manage their time such that they can work independently. 

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