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Court Services

“The vital link between Police and the Courts.”

Court Services consists of Civilian Administrative Staff, Special Constables and Sworn Officers. The Civilian staff is responsible for the preparation, accuracy, and thoroughness of all files brought forward to the courts. The Special Constables are responsible for prisoner management, while Sworn Officers manage the court office, oversee trial preparations, and provide court security.  

The Civilian Administrative Positions in Court Services include the support staff who review all files for accuracy and completeness before they are submitted to the Prosecution and Defence. They review and manage electronic and paper files for disclosure of over 10,000 offences under Provincial Offences Acts, and the Criminal Code of Canada. They also are responsible for preparing documentation, and scheduling officers for court. 

The largest group of civilian professionals in Court Services are the Special Constables. These Constables have a wide mandate of responsibilities; however, they are primarily tasked with prisoner security while in Kingston Police custody. They transport prisoners from secure custody to any number of prisons, and appropriate Court houses. They help to manage affairs at Youth Court, Provincial Offences Court, Bail Court, the Ontario Court of Justice, and at Superior Court.

Special Constables also have many secondary roles, such as:

  • collecting blood samples for the known offender DNA databank
  • serving subpoenas for Court proceedings
  • assisting Patrol units with various tasks
  • securing crime scenes
  • providing prisoner transport from the scene of arrest to Police Headquarters
  • performing traffic point duties
  • collecting video evidence and statements for cold cases
  • assisting in the Booking of prisoners
  • assisting with fingerprinting
  • providing security for medical assistance calls in the station
  • assisting with special events in the city

The Special Constable position is an ideal entry point for people interested in becoming Police Officers, exposing them to many of the experiences they would face as sworn members of the Kingston Police. 

Do you have what it takes?

Civilian Staff must be meticulous and detailed oriented, have excellent organizational and multitasking skills, and be able to maintain confidential files.  

Special Constables need to be patient, have the skills to communicate with people of all backgrounds, and the capability to manage safely and effectively those in custody.

Sworn officers in Court Services must have a vast knowledge and a thorough understanding of all relevant provincial and criminal legislation. They need to have extensive experience to ensure all briefs brought forward are complete, and that charges to be sworn to are appropriate and accurate. They will also need to be adept at building and maintaining a productive working relationship with the Crown and court staff.

Interested in becoming an officer with Kingston Police or working within our Court Services Unit? Visit and learn more about the challenging and rewarding career opportunities at Kingston Police. 

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