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Cellblock Monitors

“We are the second set of eyes that keep you safe.”

Cell Block Monitors are civilian members responsible for the safety and security of both the prisoners in their cells and the officers interacting with them. They do this by monitoring activities in the cell area via cameras and monitors, as well as by completing 15-minute walk-throughs. Cell Block Monitor positions are permanent part-time, working six-hour shifts, 24-7. They are scheduled a minimum of twenty hours per week. Working in the cell block area is a way to be exposed to the world of law enforcement. If you are interested in becoming a Police Officer, being a Cell Monitor could be a stepping stone.

Do you have what it takes?

Successful candidates must be able to stay alert, have good observation skills, and the ability to act quickly and decisively if an incident occurs.

This position is ideal for college or university students, as well as retirees from law enforcement, Corrections Service Canada, and the Military.

Candidates must be unbiased and treat prisoners with dignity and respect as everyone should be considered innocent until proven guilty.

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