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Special Services

"We were never here..."

Special Services consists of several covert units. Their investigations are primarily self-generated through proactive policing. The work is often high-intensity, fast-paced, and multi-faceted. 

The following are units within Special Services.

The Drug Unit is responsible for uncovering the trade in illicit narcotics in the Kingston area and enforcing all relevant drug laws. As the drug trade is not limited to the City of Kingston, this unit frequently collaborates with other agencies at the provincial, national, and international levels. Although they investigate street level drug activity, their focus is on larger and more complex operations. In cooperation with the Emergency Response Unit, they prepare and assist with the execution of drug warrants in an ever-increasing high-risk environment, often seizing firearms accompanying the narcotics.

The Intelligence Unit collects and disseminates information to assist all the various units with their investigations. They employ a variety of electronic and human sources to stay up-to-date on crime patterns in the city. As a member of the Criminal Intelligence Service of Ontario, the Intelligence Unit has access to Provincial, National and International crime trends, organized crime groups and law enforcement strategies.

The Street Crime Unit has the broadest mandate in Special Services. They investigate street level drug activity, as well as the trafficking in guns and people. They engage in surveillance, fugitive apprehension, and other duties as needed to combat street level crime. They are often tasked with assisting other specialty units and joint forces teams. 

The Joint Forces Penitentiary Squad, or simply ‘Pen Squad’ is the unit responsible for investigating any serious crimes such as homicides, serious assaults, and other offences, that are committed inside any of Ontario’s penitentiaries,  The Pen Squad throughout Ontario is primarily made up of OPP but within Kingston, our officers have a crucial role on this team.

The Provincial Weapons Enforcement Unit (PWEU) is responsible for investigating the trafficking of firearms, and tracking “crime guns”. While the Street Crime Unit follows the trafficking of firearms at the street level, the PWEU, like the Drug Unit, engages in larger, more complex operations, liaising with partner agencies such as the OPP and CBSA.

The Repeat Offender Parole Enforcement (ROPE) is a multi-agency team that tracks and apprehends convicts who are unlawfully at large, as well as anyone who escapes from secure custody in the Province of Ontario.

The Guns and Gangs Joint Forces Operation is the province’s dedicated anti-gang team. It is multi-jurisdictional in scope and shares intelligence across all partner agencies to combat the growth and influence of organized criminal gang activity. This unit has expanded in response to the significant increase in gun violence relating to gangs and their organized crime operations in Ontario.

The JFO Biker Enforcement Unit (BEU) is a joint forces operation with outside partners, which monitors and provides enforcement relating to the organized criminal activities of outlaw motorcycle gangs in Ontario. The BEU is an essential tool in understanding and combatting the evolving threat from these organizations.

The High-Risk Sex-Offender Manager is the officer responsible for the long-term supervision of registered sex offenders to ensure they follow court-imposed restrictions and bail conditions. Violators will be re-arrested and re-incarcerated. The role of sex-offender manager, acting as the enforcement arm of the court, is integral to the success of the Sex Offender Registry.

Do you have what it takes?

Due to the complex, fast-paced, proactive nature of the investigations, successful candidates must have a strong record of investigations, be self-driven and teamwork oriented. The covert nature of these non-uniform roles necessitate an aptitude towards subterfuge and a high degree of discretion. 

Candidates interested in Special Services should have a passion for targeting the criminals committing the offences related to the unit they apply for.

While the pressures of working within these units can be significant for the officers, the results of their investigations are impactful and meaningful for the community as a whole.

Interested in becoming an officer with Kingston Police? Visit our recruitment website and learn more about this challenging and rewarding career.

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