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Seized Vehicles

If we seize your vehicle, it will be towed to a secure impound yard or police headquarters when necessary for forensic processing or further investigation. 

Why your vehicle may be towed/seized

There are four main reasons that motor vehicles may be towed and/or seized by the Kingston Police.

  1. Municipal traffic related by-law offence. Towed, but not seized. Example: obstructing traffic will cause the motor vehicle to be towed, but not seized.
  2. Provincial offences related offence. Towed and may be seized. Example: Certain types of driving prohibitions and street racing would have cause the vehicle to be towed and seized for a period of time.
  3. Criminal Code offences. Towed and may be seized. Example: Impaired driving will cause a motor vehicle to be towed and seized for 7 days.
  4. Collision investigation. Towed and may be seized. Example: A fatal motor vehicle collision will cause the motor vehicle(s) to be towed and may be seized for a period of time.

You should be aware that your vehicle may be towed and/or seized if you or anyone else is caught driving your vehicle with a suspended licence.

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation Vehicle Impoundment program provides details and outlines several reasons why your vehicle may be seized and impounded.

How to retrieve your vehicle if police have seized it

If a vehicle is seized while not in possession or being driven by the registered owner, police will attempt to contact the registered owner. When the registered owner is notified of the vehicle seizure they will be required to attend the police station and upon providing sufficient identification the vehicle may be released to the owner. The police will provide a release form that must be taken to the tow yard in order to claim the vehicle.

A vehicle will not be released from the tow yard without a properly authorized release form. When the vehicle is claimed at the tow yard the registered owner will be issued an invoice for towing and storage expenses incurred.

The location of impound facility will be given to the registered owner at the time they pick up the vehicle release form. 

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