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Crime Analyst

“Decoding the crime data to prevent the crime.”

The Crime Analyst is a civilian role that is responsible for performing tactical and strategic analysis of pertinent crime data in order to assist in identifying perpetrators, distinct criminal activity, temporal crime patterns and community conditions.

The Crime Analyst analyzes occurrence/crime data from internal and external sources to perform statistical and analytical research. The Crime Analyst uses mapping software applications and statistical models to uncover patterns in criminal behaviour, both geographically and temporally. Findings are disseminated through reports, summaries, and briefings.

Crime Analysts may examine a particular geographic location over time to see what types of crime are most prevalent in that area. 

The knowledge generated by Crime Analysts make them one of the critical assets in crime deduction and prevention.

Do you have what it takes?

Successful applicants will have an advanced knowledge of, and demonstrated ability to apply, research and data analysis techniques. A background in GIS and statistics is a significant asset. Additional qualities include clear and concise writing, strong oral communication skills, and a drive and curiosity to locate patterns in data sets all while maintaining a high degree of confidentiality.

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