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Mental Health Response

Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Team (MCRRT) is a collaboration of Kingston Police and KFLA Addiction and Mental Health Service (AMHS)

Kingston Police/AMHS Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Team (MCRRT) is a team comprised of a Kingston Police sworn member and an AMHS crisis worker who are specifically trained to respond to individuals in crisis. Officers and mental health workers ride in patrol cars together on patrol shifts and respond to calls for service related to persons who have a mental illness or developmental disability and who may benefit from the joint community response.

Image (left to right)

MCRRT Team Tracy, Josh, and Erin

MCRRTs are dispatched through the Kingston Police Communications Centre. These teams will collaboratively respond to emergency and non- emergency mental health related calls and are available from 7 am to 4 am, seven days per week, MCRRT teams are dispatched as appropriate to respond and follow up to 911 calls to better support individuals in crisis and divert individuals from emergency rooms when possible.  The main purpose of all MCRRT teams is to facilitate and promote effective and compassionate care to emotionally distressed individuals, their families, and the community.

Here is a list of Walk-in crisis Services and mobile crisis services offered by AMHS

Community Outreach and Support Team

Community Outreach and Support Team” (COAST) refers to a the collaborative teamwork comprised of an assigned a non-uniform sworn officer of the Kingston Police Vulnerable Sector Unit and the AMHS crisis outreach workers. This team provides outreach and follow-up on more complex calls generated from Kingston Police frontline response, AMHS calls for service, or community generated calls.  This approach provides joint community support for more complex cases of persons who have a mental illness or developmental disability and who may require additional community supports and/or resources.  This team is primarily reached by community agencies through the AMHS Crisis Line, 613‑544-4229, and members of the Kingston Police can make direct referrals to COAST from the patrol level.

Crisis Safe Bed Program

The Crisis Safe Bed Program, provided through AMHS, is a provides supportive, short-term mental health residential placement to for individuals experiencing a mental health crisis and who have come into contact with police. This program aims to provide individuals with comprehensive, community-based support, diverting individuals from the justice system and potential incarceration, and/or avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations. This 24/7 community residential crisis service allows individuals to reside at Crisis Safe Bed for 30-day intervals when they require short-term stabilization but do not meet the criteria for hospital admission.  Acceptance to Crisis Safe Bed is only available done by direct referrals via police attendance to urgent mental health calls for service.  


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