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Forensic Identification Unit

“We tell the story that the evidence tells us.”

Forensic Identification Unit (Ident) Officers are trained experts in the collection and analysis of fingerprints, blood samples, and DNA. They also photograph evidence at crime scenes, and for some incidents, utilize specialized cameras to capture a 360-degree view of the entire scene.

Interestingly, the Ident office is also their laboratory. Located inside Kingston Police Headquarters, Ident Officers can process many of the ‘exhibits’ – pieces of evidence – directly in-house.

Ident Officers work with several other units in the Kingston Police, such as Patrol, Criminal Investigations and its sub-units such as Sex Assault and Major Crime.

Ident Officers play a critical role in any major investigation. It is their analysis of the available evidence that points conclusively to a suspect in a crime. Combined with the work of partner units, Ident has a significant impact on bringing criminal investigations to a successful close.

Do you have what it takes?

Forensic Identification Officers must be exceptionally methodical, thorough, and meticulous. They must have an ability to ‘read’ a scene, locate evidence beyond the obvious, but also understand what is missing or out of place.

Ident Officers must be willing to be on-call outside of their scheduled work hours.

While not required to become an Ident Officer, a degree in forensic science is very advantageous, along with experience in photography, and experience on patrol as a Scenes of Crime Officer.

Interested in becoming an officer with Kingston Police? Visit our recruitment website and learn more about this challenging and rewarding career.

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