In Ontario a police services board is a "local board" pursuant to the Municipal Act, but it receives its authority from the Police Services Act, which directs that every municipality maintaining a police force must have a police services board to provide civilian governance of the police force.

Police services board legislated responsibilities

Pursuant to Ontario's Police Services Act, the Kingston Police Services Board is responsible for the provision of adequate and effective police services in the municipality and is required to: 

  • appoint the members of the municipal police force
  • generally determine, after consultation with the chief of police, objectives and priorities with respect to police services in the municipality
  • establish policies for the effective management of the police force
  • recruit and appoint the chief of police and deputy chief of police
  • direct and monitor the performance of the chief of police
  • establish guidelines for dealing with complaints made under Part V of the Police Services Act, as well as to review and receive regular reports on the chief of police's administration of the complaints system under Part V
  • determine and monitor the annual police budget to ensure cost efficiency
  • participate in collective bargaining with representatives from the police associations

Although the Kingston Police Services Board has significant legislated responsibilities, the Police Services Act also strictly prohibits its involvement in day-to-day police operations.  The act provides that police services boards may give orders and directions to the chief of police but not to other members of the police force; however, the act also stipulates that a board shall not direct the chief of police with respect to specific operational decisions or the day to day operation of the police force. 

Board members are subject to the provisions of the Police Services Act and related regulations, including O.Reg. 421/97, Members of Police Services Boards—Code of Conduct.  Board members must work together to balance the interests of the local community with the standards for adequate and effective policing set by the Province of Ontario. 

Monthly Meetings

The Board holds a regular meeting on the third Thursday of each month, commencing at 12:00 noon in the Boardroom at Kingston Police Headquarters or as advertised in the City's Meeting Calendar. In addition, special meetings are called as required.

Board Composition

Kingston's population dictates that its Police Services Board consist of five members:  two appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council and three appointed by Kingston City Council (the Mayor and one Councillor appointed by Council resolution, as well as one person appointed by Council resolution who is neither a member of Council nor an employee of the municipality).

A judge, a justice of the peace, a police officer, or a person who practices criminal law as a defence counsel may not be a member of a police services board.

Order in Council appointments are made through the Province of Ontario Public Appointments Secretariat.  Information on this process may be obtained from the Province's website at

Advertisements for and appointments of community members by City Council are coordinated by the City Clerk's Office, City of Kingston.

Applicants for appointments to the Board should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the police community, its values, and its needs; superior skills in leadership and management; administrative and budgetary experience; skills in conflict management, negotiation, and mediation; an ability to set organizational goals and priorities; and an ability to meet the significant time commitments of the position.

Current Board Members 

Current members of the Kingston Police Services Board are Jarrod Stearns (Chair), provincial appointee; Councillor Jeff McLaren (Vice-Chair), Council appointee; Dr. Christian Leuprecht, provincial appointee; Councillor Bridget Doherty, Council appointee; and Jamshed (Jimmy) Hassan, Council community appointee.