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UDSI weekend results in Prowl by Night arrest, more than $100,000 in nuisance party charges

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Kingston Police and City of Kingston Bylaw Enforcement had another busy weekend in the University District between September 24 and 26. With officers dedicated to enforcing the University District Safety Initiative (UDSI), public safety was the priority and all streets were kept clear and open for normal vehicular traffic and emergency responders.


Male on Sex Offender Registry arrested for prowl by night in University District

Occ #21-37234


On September 25 at approximately 11:50 p.m. in the 200-block of Alfred St a female complainant called Kingston Police regarding an unknown male standing at her back porch, appearing as if he had an interest in gaining entry. A description was given and officers were dispatched. The male initially could not be located but only minutes later police received a second call about a male prowling in the area of Johnson St and Alfred St, matching the same description and last seen cycling east on Johnson St.


Officers continued to search for the male, locating him riding south in the 200-block of University Ave, when he ducked into an alleyway between two houses. He was located and upon verifying his identity ascertained the 31-year-old was listed as being on the provincial Sex Offender Registry (SOR) for past criminal convictions of a sexual nature.


The male had conditions to notify the local sex offender registry manager, a Kingston Police officer in the Special Services Unit, of any change of address. When he was attempting to show police an email on his phone of his correspondence with the SOR manager regarding his address, one of the officers noticed he had images on the mobile device that appeared to have been taken through a window into an unknown residence bedroom.


Officers arrested the male on scene for the offence of prowl by night. Upon being transported to the police station he began smashing his head off the Plexiglas, causing it to break, adding an additional charge of mischief. He attended a bail hearing the following day and was remanded into custody to await a future court date. The occurrence was assigned to a detective to further investigate, seek judicial authorization to access the accused’s cell phone for further evidence, determine which properties he may have accessed, and if there are any additional applicable charges.


Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Kevin Closs at or 613-549-4660 ext. 6302. As the accused is listed on the Sex Offender Registry police will not be releasing his name due to regulations under the Sex Offender Information Registration Act (SOIRA), which makes it an offence to identify a person on the database.   


Occupants of large house party breaching COVID-19 regulations all charged

Occ #21-37080


Shortly after 11:30 p.m. on September 24 a Kingston Police supervisor observed what appeared to be a large house party in the 100-block of Alfred St just south of Johnson St, with loud stereo music being heard and fireworks observed being discharged from the rear yard. Both police and bylaw officers attended and observed 30-40 attendees fleeing the rear yard with others coming and going from back deck and door to the residence.


Officers attended the rear door to identify the tenants and upon gaining access saw a crowd much larger than the COVID-19 mandated limit of 25 people indoors, as per regulations found under the Reopening of Ontario Act. A police supervisor then declared the gathering as being an aggravated nuisance party. Between the tenants present and attendees a total of 59 aggravated nuisance party AMPs (Administrative Monetary Penalties), at $2,000 each, were issued through the bylaw and as a result of Mayor Paterson’s recent declaration of an Emergency Order. Three males were initially arrested for obstructing police by providing false names, with one who was required to be transported to the police station receiving an additional $500 AMP for obstruct. All were later released either on scene or at the station and cautioned regarding the possibility of charged with the Criminal Code offence of obstruct police.


A potential total of $118,500 in administrative monetary penalties were issued at that one residence, with the tenants still facing later charges to be prepared by Bylaw for hosting/organizing a gathering in excess of the prescribed numbers under the Reopening of Ontario Act (ROA), which are to carry a minimum $10,000 fine each. This could result in a total of $200,000 in penalties and fines being levied.


Kingston Police and Bylaw Enforcement responded to a total of 210 noise complaints from Friday through to Sunday in the University District. Total charges and penalties between the two agencies were:


  • 6 Criminal Code charges
    • 2 obstruct police
    • 2 breaches of release conditions
    • 1 mischief
    • 1 prowl by night
  • 41 Liquor Licence Act offences
    • 40 open alcohol
    • 1 public intoxication arrest and charge
  • 61 aggravated nuisance party AMPs
  • 13 amplified sound AMPs
  • 2 obstruct AMPs


Male in University District charged a second time with obstructing police

Occ #21-37238


Additionally, during the evening of Saturday, September 25 at approximately 10:45 p.m. an 18-year-old Queen’s student was walking on Bader Lane with open alcohol and was consequently arrested when he refused to identify himself and was publicly intoxicated. The male began resisting arrest and pulling away when handcuffs were being applied.


When eventually identified officers determined the accused had committed a similar offence on September 3 with different officers, running from them after giving a false name and address. He had left evidence at the scene and was consequently arrested on September 9 and charged with obstruct police. He was released at that time on conditions not to consume or possess alcohol and to abide by a curfew between 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., both of which he was discovered contravening. As a result, the recent arrest led to further criminal charges of breaching two conditions of his undertaking and resisting arrest. He now faces a total of four criminal charges between both events, in addition to Liquor Licence Act offences.


Queen’s student charged with resisting arrest, damaging police cruiser

Occ #21-37259


On September 25 at approximately 11:50 p.m. officers observed a 20-year-old Queen’s student with open alcohol in a large group on Brock St near University Ave, who consequently fled from officers after her peer group advised her to run from the officers. She was apprehended in the backyard of a nearby residence and arrested for public intoxication and obstructing police. She was resisting arrest and refusing to comply with directions while being handcuffed.


Upon being walked back to the police cruiser and placed in the rear seat she began swearing profanities at and berating the officers. She kicked at the interior of the cruiser during her transport to the police station, and upon arriving in the booking sally port the officers observed she had cracked and broken the Plexiglas divider. She was charged with the criminal offences of mischief and resisting arrest. She was later released on an Undertaking with a future court date and a condition not to consume alcohol.

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