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Keep the Kingston community safe: don’t host or attend unsanctioned parties

Release Date: October 12, 2022


As Homecoming approaches, Bylaw Enforcement and Kingston Police are reminding post-secondary school community members living in or visiting Kingston to stay safe, respect your neighbours and avoid large gatherings.


The high-risk behaviours often associated with large gatherings and nuisance activities put Kingston’s emergency services under pressure; every preventable call to Kingston Fire & Rescue and Kingston Police could mean a delayed response for other emergencies in the city and put additional pressure on local health care services.


The solution is simple: avoid attending and hosting large gatherings where nuisance behaviour is likely.


The University District Safety Initiative (UDSI) will be in effect from Oct. 14 until Nov. 1 to support community safety and mitigate risk associated with large gatherings. Under the UDSI, a fine or charge received could be retained as a permanent police record, resulting in real impacts for future academic or career prospects.


Unsanctioned parties can also negatively impact the community.


“As a part of our community, everyone has a responsibility to take good care of themselves, each other and of our City,” says Kyle Compeau, Manager of Enforcement for the City of Kingston. “Over the coming weeks, we ask that you be a good neighbour by avoiding large gatherings.”


Kingston Police are aware of an unsanctioned event that has been planned for the weekend of Oct. 22 and will work alongside other law enforcement partners to maintain a highly visible presence in the University District and any other areas where nuisance party behaviour may occur. 


“The safety of the community remains our priority. Kingston Police and Bylaw Enforcement are prepared to respond to gatherings that cross the line into nuisance behaviour," says Kingston Police Chief Antje McNeely. “Don’t let one party lead to a fine that can permanently jeopardize your career prospects.”


Information and updates impacting the community during unsanctioned street parties will be shared on City of Kingston and Kingston Police Twitter feeds. 


University District Safety Initiative is in effect Oct. 14 – Nov. 1

Bylaw Enforcement and Kingston Police will be working together to keep the community safe by responding to calls and proactively patrolling the University District.


Avoid a fine or charges under applicable legislation

  • Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMPs) can be issued for nuisance party infractions. These fines can be issued by and paid to the City directly. Under the UDSI, a fine under the Nuisance Party Bylaw or Liquor License Act can also result in a mandatory court summons.
  • Students fined under the UDSI may also face non-academic sanctions through their post-secondary school, depending on rules or policies in place at that institution.


Community members are encouraged to learn more about the municipal measures in place to discourage unsanctioned large gatherings and high-risk or disruptive behaviours by reading the Good Neighbour Guide: a Guide to the City of Kingston Bylaws.

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