Kingston Police

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In order to comply with the requirements of their release from custody, people charged with a criminal offence must attend the police station to have their fingerprints and photograph taken. The date to have that done will be specified in the release documents provided to them when they are released from custody.


All fingerprinting of offenders for the Kingston Police is carried out at the following location:

Kingston Police 
705 Division Street
Kingston, Ontario
K7K 4C2

Charged parties must ensure they have their release form and suitable identification with them when they attend for fingerprinting and photographs.


Getting your fingerprints taken off the police computer system


Where the Kingston Police have collected your fingerprints and photograph because you were charged with a criminal offence, they will consider destroying such fingerprints/photograph under certain circumstances. 


To qualify for the destruction of your fingerprints or photograph, the original charges must have resulted in a non-conviction (i.e., the charges were withdrawn by the Crown Attorney’s office; or the charges were stayed by the Crown Attorney; or the charges were dismissed by the Judge/Justice; or the charges resulted in a finding of not guilty, i.e., an acquittal); or where a Judge/Justice directed an Absolute or Conditional Discharge. 


In the case of either an Absolute Discharge or a Conditional Discharge, the destruction of fingerprints will be considered either:  in the case of an Absolute Discharge, one year after the judgment was rendered in court; or, in the case of a Conditional Discharge, three years after the end of the probationary period.  Where a person participated in and completed a diversion program, the charges are deemed to have been withdrawn (and therefore that person qualifies to request consideration for destruction of fingerprints and photograph). 


If you wish to have your fingerprints/photograph destroyed, you must submit your request in writing to the Chief of Police by mail, facsimile to 613-549-3111, or a "read receipt” e-mail to  In your request, please be sure to identify yourself fully (i.e., your name, address, and date of birth).  It assists if you can identify the charges, the disposition, and the date (or approximate date) that these charges were dealt with.  If you believe that you have information that would support your request, e.g., mitigating or extenuating circumstances of which you believe that the Chief should be aware, please include this information in your request. 


Your request will be reviewed.  While applicants may meet the criteria for applying for the destruction of their fingerprints/photograph, the decision to grant that request remains at the sole discretion of the Chief or his/her designate.  In some cases, the Chief may decide to refuse to grant an applicant’s request. 


Please be aware that it could take one to two years for your request to be completed, for it also involves the return of fingerprints from the national repository maintained by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.