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Domestic Violence

Click here to view our Partner Abuse Resource and Support Guide


Domestic Violence


Domestic/Family Violence Policy

It is the policy of the Kingston Police Service to protect human life by vigorously investigating incidents of domestic/family violence and supporting victims through a coordinated community response designed to improve the quality of life.


Domestic/Family Violence

Is any use of physical or sexual force, actual or threatened, including emotional/psychological abuse or harassing behaviour or threats to harm children, other family members or pets by a family member.


Criminal Harassment (Stalking)

Occurs when a person repeatedly follows or watches (stalks), communicates or threatens another and where the victim reasonably fears for their safety or for the safety of anyone known to them. (For a complete definition refer to Section 264 of the Criminal Code of Canada.


What victims can do?


If you think you may be the victim of domestic/family violence, call police or one of the support groups linked to this site.

View more information on our suggested Safety Plans: Personal Safety Plan
View more information for youth and kids here: Youth & Kids



What police will do?


  • Conduct a thorough investigation

  • Advise victims that police will lay charges when reasonable grounds exist

  • Advise that neither police nor victims can withdraw charges

  • Obtain statements (Written/Videotaped)

  • Take photographs (Scene/Injuries) when appropriate

  • Gather evidence (Answering Machine Tapes/Notes/Etc)

  • Obtain services of interpreters when needed

  • Provide support for children when present

  • Provide a Safety Plan when appropriate

  • Provide information about available victim services

  • Suggest another place of safety when concerns exist

  • Remain until satisfied there is no further threat to victim

  • Complete a Risk Assessment when charges are laid in cases of intimate relationships

  • Where charges are not laid, give advice on Restraining Orders, Peace Bonds and how to contact shelters and Victim Services of Kingston.


For further information on Family Violence:
Locally, Kingston Interval House.
Crisis Line 613-546-1777
No Charge Dial 1-800-267-9445
Admin 613-546-1833
If Busy Call 613-546-4136.