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Roommates Flee Home in Pajamas from Assaultive Intruder

Release Date: January 11, 2018



A 20-year-old local man was arrested after entering the victim’s residence and attempting to assault her.


On January 10, 2018 at approximately 11:45 p.m. the victim was laying in her bed when the accused entered her bedroom. The victim did not know the accused, but believed he was intoxicated and informed him he was in the wrong house. The accused then closed her door and picked up an aluminum water bottle which he began swinging aggressively. The accused then made sexual remarks and the victim called out for her roommate. The roommate called 911 and both women fled the residence in their pajamas and sock feet when the accused stumbled and fell. Once outside the victim and her roommate came across two males who intervened when the accused came out of the residence. The accused punched one of the males in the mouth before they were able to restrain him.


The accused was transported to police headquarters where he was held to attend a bail hearing the following day.


The accused was charged with unlawfully in a dwelling-house, assault, and assault with a weapon.