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POLICE WEEK – Diversity and Victims Services Coordinator

POLICE WEEK – Diversity and Victims Services Coordinator


The Kingston Police Diversity and Victim Services Coordinator works directly with our community groups and partners to enhance understanding and communication regarding the respective functions and ultimately the best service we can deliver. 


The desired outcome will enhance relationships with our partner agencies and the community with the hope of reducing crime and promoting a positive and inclusive atmosphere for our service.  A Guide to the Kingston Police has been developed and is available to any group wishing to understand our service and how it functions in our community.  


Our Diversity and Victim Services Coordinator is Constable Frank Howard. The following highlight a few events and functions Constable Howard has recently been involved in.  



Partnering with Victim Services and SAC Kingston to raise public awareness on the issue of Human Trafficking

The partnership with Victim Services began last year to raise awareness in the accommodation industry and has since spread to many groups and Kingston Police partners.  Every hotel, motel and public space where young people congregate was visited and posters and literature were offered detailing signs to expose this crime.  A Human Trafficking seminar was funded by the provincial government and organized by the Kingston Police and Victim Services for the accommodation industry. Front line community partners and police officers were invited to hear the words of a dedicated Human Traffic investigator as well as previous victims of this crime who now seek to help others. This is an ongoing partnership to raise awareness in our community and beyond that this crime exists everywhere and we all must do our part to recognize and eliminate it. 







Engaging groups who are newcomers to the city or country on Canadian Laws and procedures of the Kingston Police







Seeking truth and reconciliation for our agency and members. 




Attending the Grand opening of the Sikh temple



Meeting with the leaders from the synagogue, the Islamic center, and the Sikh temple on topics of inclusion and security.