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Brockville Man Charged with Defrauding Kingston Bank over $4700

Release Date: February 12, 2018



A 33-year-old Brockville man has been arrested after defrauding a Kingston bank of just over $4700 in the spring of 2017.


In May 2017 the Kingston Police Fraud unit began investigating the bank fraud. The account owner, a Brockville woman was identified, and with the assistance of Brockville Police the accused was identified through surveillance video.


The investigation revealed that the accused and the account holder had previously worked together and were involved in a relationship in 2016. In April 2017 the accused convinced the account holder he was not eligible to open a bank account due to his banking history. The account holder agreed to open an account at a bank in Kingston in her name on his behalf, so he could deposit work cheques. Unbeknownst to the account holder, the accused had stolen a book of her cheques and began depositing forged cheques into the new account. The accused also made multiple cash withdrawals and debit purchases against the new account. The total loss was stopped at just over $4700 when the account was frozen by the bank.


The accused whereabouts were unknown and a warrant was requested.


On February 10, 2018 Kingston Police picked up the accused who had been arrested by Brockville Police. The accused was transported to Kingston police headquarters where he was held to attend a bail hearing.


The accused was charged with fraud, possession of stolen property, and utter forged documents.