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Neighborhood Watch



Why should we form a Watch?

Public attitude toward crime is not easily measured, but there has been a suspicion over the past few years that public apathy was growing as rapidly as the incidence of crime itself.

Neighbourhood Watch does not want you to spy on your neighbour. We want you to be concerned for the safety of your neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood Watch members are aware of their surroundings. They respond to suspicious activity by reporting it to the police.

Crime in Kingston can and will be reduced with this type of community involvement and communication. You are a key to a safe city.

Living in a Watch area reduces the chance that you or your neighbours will become a victim of crime.


What is Neighbourhood Watch?

Many of today's communities have become less personal than they were years ago. Families are more transient, children have more activities that take them and their parents away from home, and there are more families with both parents working.

The once-familiar sight of families visiting with each other on front porches while keeping a watchful eye on children and activities in the neighbourhood is less common.

Neighbourhood Watch helps restore community awareness and communication.

The prevention of crime – particularly crime involving residential neighbourhoods – is a responsibility that must be shared equally by Police and private citizens. The fact is, the impact on crime prevention by Police alone is minimal when compared with the power of private citizens working with Police and other stakeholders.

Neighbourhood Watch is based on this concept of cooperation, communication and statistics. When citizens take positive steps to secure their own property and neighbours learn how to report suspicious activity around their homes, break and enters and related offences decrease dramatically. By working to eliminate the 'opportunity' for crimes to occur, citizens are the best defense against crime in their neighbourhood.


The Neighbourhood Watch program teaches citizens how they can:


  • Make their homes and apartments less inviting as a target for thieves;

  • Communicate in effective ways with one another and the Police;

  • Participate in Operation Identification;

  • Make personal property less desirable to burglars; and,

  • Identify suspicious activity in the neighbourhood.


How to Start a New Watch in your area...

If you are concerned about crime in your neighbourhood and wish to implement a Neighbourhood Watch program in your area, you must first contact our police coordinator, Constable Kim Siemonsen, Community Programs Officer, 613-549-4660 x 6154 or via email at If there is a program already organized in your area, you will be referred to the Area Coordinator who will assist you in getting involved.


Join a Neighbourhood Watch today!

Check the criminal activity in your neighbourhood by using Kingston Police e-Watch, crime mapping tool here.

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