Every year, hundreds of bicycles are reported stolen within Kingston, while countless others go missing but are never reported. If your bicycle has been lost or stolen, you can report it online.

On average, Kingston Police recovers nearly 250 bikes a year, but unfortunately very few bicycles have been registered, making it challenging to determine who they belong to so that they can be returned.

Register your bicycle and together let’s #EndBikeTheft in Kingston

Kingston Police has partnered with the City of Kingston and Cycle Kingston to provide a bicycle registration service through 529 Garage. Registration helps Kingston Police identify stolen bikes that are recovered so that they can be returned to their owners. Bikes bearing the 529 Shield also warn thieves that it is registered, acting as an additional deterrent to theft.

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Help #EndBikeTheft

Register. Report. Recover.

Keep your bikes safe in the 529 Garage,
 the largest community-powered bike recovery service.


How it works

Registering is quick and easy – just download the 529 Garage app from your smartphone or tablet (see links below), or head to the 529 Garage website.


Garage 529 App on Google Play Store      Garage 529 on Apple App Store


Enter the important information about your bike, including serial number, brand, and colour. Add photos of your bike too - the more information you provide the easier your bike will be to identify.

If your bike goes missing, it’s easy to report it as stolen or missing using 529 Garage app or website. 529 Garage will send out an alert to the community so that others can keep an eye out and notify you if your bike is found.

Once you’ve marked a bike as missing or stolen, 529 Garage will direct you to Kingston Police’s online reporting site. Filing a police report is a requirement to legally claim your bike back if it is recovered by any Police department in Canada. There is no cost to report your bike as stolen to Kingston Police.


Bike Theft Prevention

Bicycle theft is an ongoing issue in the City of Kingston. Registering your bike and ensuring that it is locked properly are the best ways to prevent your bike from being stolen.

Follow these tips to minimize the risk of your bike being stolen.

 1. Register your bike with 529 Garage

Garage 529 LogoIt only takes a few minutes to register and it’s free to use.


The 529 Garage bike registry is accessible to hundreds of police services across Canada and the US, increasing the likelihood of your bike being returned to you whether it is recovered here in Kingston, or elsewhere.

 2. Invest in a high security bike lock

Bicycle LockAlways use a secure, high-quality bike lock, such as a u-lock.

High-security locks require more time to defeat in comparison to chains or cable locks, which can often be defeated by bike thieves in seconds.


Consult with your local bike shop for help in choosing a lock and how to use it effectively.

 3. Store your bicycle inside whenever possible
Lock bicycle insideWhenever possible, store your bicycle inside or in a locked garage. Avoid locking your bike on the front porch or at the side of the house/building.

Residents living in high-rise apartments and condominiums should store their bike in a designated secured enclosure, if available.

 4. Lock the frame and wheel to a secure bike rack
Inverted U Rack Post Ring RackWhen locking your bike outside, lock the frame and at least one wheel to a secure bike rack, such as an inverted-u or post and ring rack.


If possible, secure the second wheel by using a high-quality cable lock.
Avoid using bike racks that are damaged or not properly anchored.

Avoid locking to objects that can be moved, dismantled, or destroyed to free your bike - such as street signs, fences, and even small trees.

 5. Lock your bike in visible, well-lit, high-traffic locations
Lock bicycle in visible areaPublic bike racks located on sidewalks or in front of businesses are generally safe for short-term daytime parking.

Avoid locking your bike in concealed areas with poor lighting and little to no surveillance opportunities.

The more visible your bike is, the less likely is it will be targeted for theft.

 6. Don’t forget your accessories!
Bicycle accessoriesEven if your bike is locked securely, accessories and bike parts are often targeted by thieves.

Be sure to take your helmet and easily removed accessories with you – such as lights, water bottles, bells, and gear bags.

For added security, swap quick release parts (such as seat posts and wheel axles) with bolts or secure hardware. Ask the experts at your local bike shop if you need any help.

 7. Tips for Safe Bike Buying and Selling
Hand shakeWhen buying a used bike, meet in a public place and verify that the serial number isn’t listed as missing/stolen on 529 Garage.

When selling a bike that you’ve registered, don’t forget to transfer the registration to the new owner on 529 Garage. No personal information will be shared.


For Added Protection: Shield Your Bike 

Garage 529 ShieldIn addition to registering, you can add an optional 529 Shield to your bike. 

The 529 Shield provides a visual theft deterrent by letting any would-be thieves know that the bike is registered with 529 Garage.

These tamper-resistant stickers can be affixed to your bike frame and include a unique registration number that you can link to your bike's registration, acting like a licence plate for your bike. 

Where to get a 529 Garage Shield

529 Shields can be picked up for free from Kingston Police Headquarters at 705 Division Street while supplies last. They can also be purchased from Cycle Kingston and at participating local bike shops throughout the city.

Kingston is home to several locally owned and operated cycling shops. You can purchase a 529 shield, quality bike locks, and get expert advice and service at the following locations: 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find the serial number to register my bike?

The serial number is often engraved or embedded into the frame, though it may also be printed on a sticker affixed to your bike. Look carefully!


Most bicycle serial numbers are located under the bottom bracket where the two pedal cranks come together. Simply turn your bike upside down and record the number.


The diagram below shows the five most common serial number locations. 


Bicycle Serial number locations

2. Do I need to bring my bike with me to register and get a 529 Shield?

If you plan to obtain your shield at one of our in-person events, you will need to bring your bike with you, and pre-register on the 529 Garage app.



If you are obtaining a shield at Kingston Police Headquarters, you will need to pre-register your bike on the 529 Garage app and ensure one of the registration photos includes one with you and your bike. 


You can also register online or using the 529 Garage app and pick up a 529 Shield from a participating local bike shop. 

3. How is my information shared?

Only Kingston Police personnel will have access to the full database. If you issue an alert, you can choose what type of contact information you want to release to the biking community.

4.  What do I do if my Shield falls off?

The 529 Garage stickers use a special adhesive that makes it difficult to tamper with or remove once applied. However, if your shield falls off your bike, you are still protected because you registered your bike with 529 Garage. The sticker itself is meant to act as a visual deterrent. If you can’t catch us at one of our events we are attending this year, you can still register through the 529 Garage website and obtain your sticker at a later time.

5.  Why do I have to file a police report?

In order to ensure that the right bike goes to its proper owner, Kingston Police requires that a police report is filed. We have made it easier to file a report by offering it online.

6.  Why do I have to file a police report if the Kingston Police has called me to come get my bike?

In order to release the bike to you, we need to verify that you are the owner. By creating a report, you provide us with a formal record for accountability and transparency purposes. This is a common requirement across Canada. 

7.   How effective has this app been in other jurisdictions?

Vancouver Police Service and affiliated RCMP stations have reported a 30% reduction in bike thefts in Vancouver two years after introducing 529 Garage, as well as a 55% reduction in Whistler.

8.  How does the biking community help with this initiative?

Anyone that has the app on their smartphone can help with the recovery. Once a user reports their bike is missing, anyone within 15 kilometers of the incident receives a notification with details of the missing report. Other users can send a notification if they spot the missing bike.

9.  Someone found my bike. Can I go and get it?

Never attempt to recover a stolen bike without first contacting police.

10.  What happens if I sell my bike?

There is a tool on the app that lets you forward the bike's information, sticker registration, and non-personally identifying photos to the email of the person to whom you sold your bike.

11. Does Kingston Police get any money from this program?

No. Kingston Police, The City of Kingston, and Cycle Kingston are sponsors of this initiative, and offer the 529 Shields free of charge from Kingston Police Headquarters or at local biking events.

529 Shields are also available from local bike shops for a small fee to cover their costs of running the program. 

Please note

The Kingston Police makes no representations, warranties or guarantees of any kind that a bicycle will be recovered or returned from use of the 529 Garage bike registry.

We do not assume, and are not responsible for, any liability whatsoever for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in the data and information provided, regardless of how they are caused. We are not liable for any loss or damage whatsoever from use of the 529 Garage bike registry.