Twitter account showing radar speed

Sergeant Darren Keuhl, the supervisor for the Kingston Police Traffic Safety Unit, is notifying motorists who abuse the open roads due to COVID-19 stay-at-home recommendations that he and his officers are extremely active and fully enforcing all Highway Traffic Act violations.

Sgt. Keuhl relayed, “Drivers are treating the less-congested city roadways like a race track in addition to disobeying basic rules of the road like failing to stop for red lights or traffic signs, using a cell phone while behind the wheel, and more. They are putting themselves, other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians at risk of severe injury or death. Also, any injuries as a result of these dangerous driving behaviours unduly exposes frontline responders and health care workers to COVID-19, and places additional stress on hospital emergency rooms and intensive care units. My officers and I are continuing to hit the road every single day and will hold violators accountable for their actions.

“I want to remind speeders that travelling in excess of 50 km/hr over the posted speed limit is considered stunt driving and will result in the towing on site and seizure of both your vehicle and driver’s licence for one week even prior to conviction. Rather than a set fine a driver is issued a summons to court where the minimum first-time penalty is $2,000, which can increase to $10,000 for subsequent offences. It can also carry a six month jail sentence and a two-year driver’s licence suspension.

“Obey the speed limits, drive safely, get where you need to go, but obey the rules of road; otherwise be prepared to suffer the consequences.”

kingston police twitter post on radar speed