Release Date: March 22, 2022



On March 22, 2022 a Traffic Safety Officer was conducting speed enforcement on Woodbine Road west of Collins Bay Road. At 1:15 p.m. the officer observed a motor vehicle travelling westbound at 65 km/h in a posted 40 km/h zone. At that time a female front passenger stood up, putting the upper half of her body out of the sunroof. The officer directed the vehicle to pullover and then observed the driver was also not wearing a seatbelt. As well, one of the three rear passengers was not wearing a seatbelt correctly.


The 17-year old driver was charged under the Highway Traffic Act with fail to wear seatbelt, speeding, and fail to surrender licence. The driver was additionally cautioned for Careless driving in regards to the passenger sticking out of the sunroof.


The 18-year old front passenger was charged with fail to wear seatbelt.


One rear passenger was warned for not properly wearing a seatbelt.