Stock image of man in handcuffs


A 54-year-old Kingston man is facing assault and threats charges after he threw his female roommate to the ground and punched her multiple times in his unsubstantiated belief she had been stealing money and illicit drugs from him.

The accusations and assault first began on April 9 but Kingston Police were not called at the time. Then on April 13 the accused woke-up and began smashing items in the residence, yelling that he again believed someone had stolen his drugs. He also started screaming at both the victim and another witness who was present, threatening to kill the victim. The accused indicated he did not care if police were called.

The victim, fearing for her safety, barricaded herself in a room and used 911 to call Kingston Police. Upon officers arriving the accused had left the apartment, but was located a short distance away on foot near the area of Weller Ave and Compton St. He was subsequently arrested, transported to the station and held for a bail hearing to occur the following day.