Kingston Police is aware of an unsanctioned Homecoming street party that is expected to be held this weekend, and is discouraging any students, visitors or other revelers from attending.


There are a multitude of public safety concerns these illegal gatherings bring with them that include conditions favourable for COVID-19 infection and spread, risk to both pedestrians and motorized traffic, lack of accessibility for other first responders such as Frontenac Paramedic Services and Kingston Fire & Rescue to perform their duties, binge drinking and preventable personal injuries that can strain hospital emergency departments, assaults, property damage, and more.


Kingston Police want any organizers or participants to be aware that anyone partaking in a gathering in excess of 100 people outdoors will each receive a $2,000 Administrative Monetary Penalty (AMP) under the City of Kingston’s aggravated nuisance party bylaw, and organizers will receive a summons to court under the Reopening of Ontario Act (ROA) for a $10,000 fine.


Any Criminal Code offences such as mischief, theft, causing a disturbance, unlawful assembly, assault, resisting arrest or obstructing police can have serious ramifications such as arrest, charge, transport to police cells to attend a bail hearing, conditions such as curfew and no drugs or alcohol being imposed on the offender, and a criminal record that can affect future employment and travel.


For public safety purposes Kingston Police has video monitoring capabilities in the University District, and all attempts will be made during an incident or post-offence to identify any involved parties and hold them accountable. This would include the publication of images that capture any suspects to assist in their identification.


Kingston Police and other law enforcement partners will maintain a highly visible presence in the University District and any other areas where it is anticipated this event will occur. Kingston Police will continue to work collaboratively with community partners to ensure that safety and well-being of our community remains a top priority.