The Kingston Police Community Volunteers are looking for a few good people. They are a group of 70 uniformed citizens who assist the Kingston Police Force with non-confrontational activities. They act as extra eyes and ears for the Kingston Police. While out on patrol they watch for anything out of the ordinary. They will then contact police dispatchers over their radios that will then send officers to deal with the problem.image of volunteer's on bike patrol


They are also called upon to conduct searches for missing person or evidence from a crime scene. The Kingston Police Community Volunteers are a multi tasked force of citizens who work hand in hand with the Kingston Police Force at over 100 special events each year. They also assist with Child Id & Child car seat clinics to help make our community safer.


While the covid-19 is still active the volunteers are following all required protocols as set out by KFL&A health unit.


There is no cost to join or compensation for members of the Kingston Police Community Volunteers. Applicants must undergo a police screening check and have a valid driver’s license. The only other restriction is that you must be 18 years of age or older. You also must have a clean driving and criminal record. Members must commit to a minimum of 8 hours of patrol and attend one meeting per month.   


For more information call (613) 549-4660 ext. 2277 or e-mail


Applications are also available online at, or the front desk of Kingston Police headquarters. The deadline for the applications to be submitted is January 31, 2022.