Drone in front of Kingston Police van and officersOur Unmanned Ariel Vehicle (UAV) was selected due to its multirole capabilities for police operations. Not only does it assist in a more effective and efficient response to certain incidents, it also provides an investigative platform that would otherwise require the use of standard aircraft from outside agencies.  

Police applications

  • searching for missing persons
  • serious or fatal traffic collision investigations
  • crime scene investigations
  • emergency response
  • major incidents

Vulnerable sector

Of particular concern and focus within our community are those who are vulnerable. This may be due to:

  • age  
  • medical conditions  
  • mental or physical challenges

Missing person cases are often from our vulnerable sector, and time is always the key factor for an individual’s safety in such cases. Make sure that you register your loved ones in the Vulnerable Persons Registry.

Operating the UAV

We have officers from the Traffic Unit (Collision Reconstructionists) and Emergency Response Unit (Search and Rescue Coordinators) trained to operate the UAV. Our UAV is a Canadian-built Aeryon SkyRanger.

drone sitting on ground

 Transport Canada  provides updated rules and regulations in Canada regarding Drone Safety.