Kingston Police participates in the TRACE program, which uses pens filled with tiny discs that hold a unique personal identification number (PIN). The PIN links your property to you through a global database. We can use this database to help find your stolen property.

Buying a TRACE pen

You can buy a TRACE pen online to mark your property or at Home Hardware on 731 Development Drive, Kingston.

Deter theft

Signs that show that TRACE is protecting your property may cause thieves to think twice about stealing from you. TRACE also provides detection equipment to stores where thieves may try to sell stolen property.

Fifteen community second-hand stores and pawnshops participate in the TRACE program and won’t purchase or accept lost or stolen TRACE items unless the seller can provide proof of purchase or removes the item from TRACE’s lost and found listing.

Learn more about TRACE

Please see the following for more information about the TRACE program: