If you are applying for the position of a police constable as a new recruit, the following outlines the steps you must complete as part of the process.

Recruiting Process

Stage 1: Application Phase

You begin your application process by applying online.

Upload your application and supporting documentation

  • completed Police Officer Application Form (required)
  • resume and cover letter (required)
  • completed OACP Consent and Release of Liability Form (required)
  • high school and post-secondary transcript(s) (required)
  • copy of diploma or degree (required)
  • valid Class G Ontario driver's license and suitable driving record (required)
  • valid First Aid and CPR Level C certificates (required)
  • completed Constable Selection hearing and vision assessment forms and applicant declaration, acknowledgement and consent form (required)
  • certificates/letters from community involvement (optional)
  • certificates of achievement (optional)
  • any other relevant documents that you wish reviewed.


Please notify us if you are missing any required documents. 

To attend an onsite session, you must have your resume, cover letter, completed Police Officer application form, valid Class G driver's license, First Aid and CPR certificate, hearing and vision assessment forms and the applicant declaration and consent forms uploaded.


All other documents must be uploaded prior to first interview, which can take place as early as 2 to 3 weeks after an onsite session.

Stage 2: Pre-Interview Phase
  • Mandatory attendance at an on-site session to complete a pre-background questionnaire and local assessment 
Stage 3: Interview Phase

If selected for interview:

  • Primary Interview with panel of experienced officers and Human Resources
  • Secondary Interview with panel of senior officers, if successful in primary interview
Stage 4: Background Stage

If successful in stage 3.

  • Psychological testing and interview with psychologist
  • In-house fitness test.
  • Third-party medical examination
  • Comprehensive background investigation, including but not limited to reference checks, verification of employment history and educational documents, credit history check, home visit, etc.
Stage 5: Final Selection Phase

If successful in stage 4.

  • If selected and hired, you must attend and graduate from the Ontario Police College. The Basic Constable Training Course is 12 weeks in duration at the Ontario Police College, Aylmer, Ontario.

For more information

Contact Sonja Verbeek, Director of Human Resources at 613 549-4660 ext. 2287 or via email.

Equitable hiring

Kingston Police hire on the basis of merit and are committed to reflecting the diversity of the Kingston community and Canada.