Provincial legislation provides for police services boards to prepare, review, and revise as appropriate a strategic plan for the provision of policing in their communities.

The Kingston Police Strategic Plan

A sense of personal safety is a major component of everyone’s quality of life. 

This strategic plan acknowledges ever-increasing expectations for the role of policing in our community beyond traditional law enforcement, such as responding to social trends, safeguarding the most vulnerable members of our society, and working with community partners and public sector agencies to address issues on the front line.  Innovation is also required to keep up with rapidly changing technology and human resources practices in a fiscally constrained world.

Our local police service is expected to be visible in the community, use its resources well, and be a model for other services.  Its goal is to maintain a safe community at home, at work, at school, on the streets, or in public places.  Accomplishing that goal involves dozens of significant policing issues, social trends, or safety factors that must be addressed.

Members of the Kingston Police provide leadership and play a role as partners in public education and crime prevention; the organization’s many services, programs, and activities help ensure that we have a safe community.

The significant changes to the Police Services Act proposed in the Safer Ontario Act, 2018, include a transition to a four-year strategic plan.  This plan establishes a focus to respond to the most significant challenges for police leadership through 2022 and beyond.

Read our latest published business plan, The Kingston Police 2023-2026 Strategic Plan.