Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU)

CIU supports front line patrol with complex and lengthy investigations. CIU Investigators work other law enforcement agencies and community partner organizations as part of our commitment toward community safety and crime prevention.

 Roles and responsibilities

CIU includes a Staff Sergeant, 4 Sergeants and 29 investigators along with a crime analyst and an administrative employee. The entire unit reports to an Inspector who oversees all criminal investigations and Special Services.

Two investigators are assigned to Internet Child Exploitation Investigations and work in collaboration with other Police agencies as part of a Provincial Strategy to combat crimes against children on the internet.

Four investigators are assigned to the Forensic Identification Unit whose duties are to assist in the collection and preservation of evidence, photographing and processing scenes and to provide expert testimony in court.

One investigator is assigned to process digital evidence including cellular phones and computers.

The remaining  investigators are divided into sections which investigate property crimes, crimes against persons including sexual assaults and child abuse, frauds, crimes against vulnerable people in our community and major crimes which include missing persons, robberies and homicide.

Criminal Investigations Division office area

Sexual Assault and Child Abuse (SACA) and Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) units

SACA consists of sexual assault, child abuse, and ICE investigators. Detectives from the SACA unit investigate crimes of sexual assault, child abuse and neglect including sexual assault. Detectives from the ICE investigate incidents of online child exploitation, child pornography and luring. In partnership with other divisions of Kingston Police and outside agencies we provide referral services to Victim Services.




Special Services Branch

The Kingston Police Special Services Unit monitor, investigate and arrest for criminal activities by drug traffickers, biker gangs, parolees, dangerous offenders unlawfully at large, and high risk – sex offenders.

 Special Services Units
The Special Services Branch is comprised of one Staff Sergeant, two Sergeants, seventeen Detective Constables and one administrative employee.  The entire unit reports to an Inspector who oversees all Criminal Investigations under the Investigative Services Division.  


gun, drugs and mobile devices money, drugs, knives, and mobile devices


 Drug Unit
The Detective Constables assigned to the Kingston Drug Unit enforce the provisions of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and other federal statutes.  Drug investigations can vary from street level drug trafficking and possession to large Joint Forces multi-jurisdictional Investigations. 
 Street Crime Unit
This Unit is responsible for a variety of criminal investigations including Human Trafficking Investigations, investigating the illegal movement of firearms, ammunitions and explosives, enforcement of outstanding warrants, and Liquor Enforcement.
 Intelligence Unit
Intelligence officers analyze and share intelligence information to develop and implement enforcement actions.  
 Biker Enforcement Unit
The Biker Enforcement Unit is a joint-forces operation mandated with monitoring and providing enforcement action to the organized criminal activities of outlaw motorcycle gangs in the Province.
 Joint Forces Penitentiary Squad
Officers assigned investigate crimes within Kingston area Penitentiaries.
 Joint Forces Repeat Offender Parole Enforcement (ROPE)
The ROPE Squad is a multi-agency, provincial team that locates and apprehends parolees and dangerous offenders unlawfully at large.
 High Risk - Sex Offender Manager
Officer monitors the release of Federal Inmates and registered sex offenders within the community.
 Joint Forces Operation - Cannabis Enforcement
Officers are mandated to target unlicensed cannabis dispensaries.