Chief McNeelyWelcome to the updated website for Kingston’s police service, which has had the privilege of serving its community since 1841 and thus is one of the oldest municipal police services in Canada.

The 1841 mission of our police service was to ensure “the preservation of good order and the public morals therein.”  That purpose is still expected, but policing has never been as complex as it is now, and it will continue to grow in complexity in the future. 
The way forward is about collaboration and innovation:  in other words, a culture of accepting diversity of thought.  It is a holistic community approach, one that requires police working with their community partners to understand the root causes of problems and then addressing them.  

We have a strong and committed leadership team and a complement of dedicated sworn and civilian members who are honoured to serve in such an historic and vibrant city.  We are also extremely fortunate to have engaged citizens who are very supportive of the Kingston Police, as well as strong community partnerships to assist us in our objectives.  We recently completed community outreach to formulate our 2019–2022 Strategic Plan, and our five key priorities for this four-year period include:

  • designing new ways to deal with challenging social trends;
  • implementing a new evidence-informed policing and staffing model;
  • recruiting, retaining, and developing the best policing team possible;
  • safeguarding our reputation and investing in relationships; and
  • building capacity for high performance in a changing world.

 We look forward to working with you in realizing these goals.


Antje McNeely, MOM, PMPA
Chief of Police