Communications Unit

The Communications Unit provides a wide variety of vital functions within the Kingston Police, particularly police call taking, 9-1-1 routing, dispatch functions, and Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) functions. It is staffed by 4 sergeants and 16 civilian communications operators and is supplemented by part-time civilian staff to ensure 24/7 coverage.

Court Services Unit

The Court Services Unit is staffed by 28 people, including a staff sergeant, 2 sergeants, 6 constables, 16 full- and part-time special constables, and 3 civilian staff. The unit is responsible for numerous roles in relation to the preparation and administration of documents for provincial, criminal, and family courts.

 Roles and responsibilities
  • Provide onsite security for four court locations in Kingston, including the Provincial Offences Court, The Ontario Court of Justice, the Superior Court of Justice and the Family Court.
  • Ensure safe and timely supervision and transportation of adult and young offenders to and from secure detention facilities locally and elsewhere in the province for various court appearances in Kingston.
  • Prepare, service and manage court related documentation.
  • Complete electronic and paper file management and disclosure for over 10,000 Provincial Offences Act, Criminal Code and Drug offences.
  • Report and review quality control for all police reports filed ensuring compliance with the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics (CCJS) reporting requirements.
  • Bail safety planning for domestic violence cases.



Information Desk

The Information Desk is staffed by civilian employees and provides a myriad of non-emergency call taking and reporting services. It is an essential component of front-line service to our community.

Records Unit

The Kingston Police Records Unit is the central repository for all police reports, criminal records, and other investigative information, and the Manager of the unit has been appointed as the Freedom of Information Coordinator. We offer a number of services to members of the community, including many online services accessible under the Services and Reporting tab.

Training Unit

The Training Unit, staffed by a sergeant and two constables, is responsible for coordinating and monitoring extensive training programs to meet legislated training requirements, as well as specialized training as required, for both sworn and civilian members. For more information see our Training Unit webpage