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Traffic Safety

The traffic Safety Unit operates within the Community Oriented and Response Unit– C.O.R.E. The unit consists of 6 constables and 1 Sergeant. The unit responds to all directed Traffic complaints with a suspect as well as all general community complaint where reports are made of traffic issues such as excessive speeding , disobeying signs and traffic lights etc.

Officers within the unit are also trained in collision reconstruction and are on call for all motor vehicle collisions involving serious bodily harm or fatalities.

The unit operates a variety of vehicles including Low Profile mobile radar equipped cruisers ,fully marked cruisers, and 4 motorcycles.

There are nine Zones in the city that are equally split up amongst the officers in terms of callsCommunity Complaints. Officers are responsible for selective traffic enforcement within their zones to ensure traffic safety is maintained across the city.


Some examples of selective enforcement by our officers are

  1. Traffic Complaints  vs  Community Complaints
  2. S.T.E.P. – Selective Traffic Enforcement Program ( Monthly Enforcement )
  3. All traffic related reports – desk or on-line in person


The following is a list of our traffic officers primary and secondary duties within the unit:

Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement

  • Constable Rice
  • Inspection lanes with Ministry or alone
  • Full mechanical inspections
  • Licencing and Permits

Collision Reconstruction

  • Constable Smith  ( Senior Recon Level 4)
  • Constable Hough - Level 4
  • Constable Rice  - Level 4
  • Sergeant Keuhl – Level 3

Breathalyzer and Roadsides

  • Constable Smith

Level II Collision Investigation Course for all Patrol

  • Constable Smith
  • Constable Hough 

Radar Maintenance and training

  • Constable Hough

S.T.E.P. Initative 

  • Constable Hough

R.I.D.E. Program

  • Sergeant Keuhl

Authorize all Parade Permits for the city

  • Sergeant Keuhl 

Review all Internal Motor Vehicle Collisions

  • Sergeant Keuhl

Unit Administrative Duties

  • Sergeant Keuhl

Advanced Motorcycle Instructor

  • Constable Lafontaine

C.R.C. - Collision Reporting Centre

  • Constable Gutheinz
  • Constable Rice

Respond to calls about traffic questions

  • All Traffic Unit Officers 

Education tables at community events / Various committees within the city   

  • All Traffic Unit Officers        

Social Media

  • Constable Hough

Support for both Patrol Division and Crime Prevention

  • All Traffic Unit Officers 


NOTE: The Traffic Safety section of our website is currently being updated. We will post a notice through our social media once this section of the website is complete. 

Road Safety Tips
Road Safety Tips

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