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Someone is abusing you when they:


  • hit, slap or push you 

  • don't give you food, medicine or the care you need to keep well

  • take or control your money, your house or your possessions 

  • threaten or hurt you, or to not take care of you 

  • don't let you see your family or friends 

  • call you names or make you feel badly about yourself


Who Abuses? You may be abused by:


  • a member of your family

  • a friend

  • someone you have paid to take care of you


It is hard when someone close to you is treating you badly. You may still love that person:


  • you may feel confused

  • you may feel sad

  • you may feel it is your fault

  • you may feel afraid

  • you may feel betrayed

  • you may feel angry


Abuse is not your fault.

It is hard to talk about it, but talking helps. There is no need for you to be hurt.

Letting the abuse continue does not help you or your loved one.

You will not lose control over your life if you talk about it.

Nothing will happen unless you want it to. There are choices.

The first step is to talk about it.


What can you do?


  • Tell the abuser to stop; tell them if you are scared or hurt

  • Tell someone you trust

  • Keep telling until someone helps

  • Call to find out what you can do

  • Let someone help you make decisions


If you are not ready to change things yet:


  • Call someone when you just need to talk or get advice.

  • If needed, keep emergency numbers with you at all times.

  • Think about what you will do the next time it happens.

  • Keep in touch with someone who can help you find out what to do or ask them to call you. 

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