Neighbour dispute involving snow blower results in breach charges

Posted on Thursday, 14 February 2019 02:16 PM

Release Date: February 14, 2019

On February 13, 2019 at approximately 2:30 p.m. while shoveling the driveway of his downtown residence the victim was confronted by a neighbour, the male accused. The accused yelled obscenities at the victim for shoveling snow onto his vehicle which was parked outside.

The accused turned on his snow blower and began to push it toward the victim, blowing snow in his direction. The accused continued yelling and came within a few feet of the victim who attempted...

Calls for Service from February 13, 2019

Posted on Thursday, 14 February 2019 02:16 PM

Kingston Police had 104 calls for service during the 24 hour period starting from 5:00 a.m. on February 13, 2019. Of these, 70 calls occurred in the city central area, 26 in the west end, 4 in the east end, and 2 north of Highway 401. Some of these included:

• 5 domestic calls
• 5 harassment calls
• 8 undesirable calls
• 1 custody dispute call
• 1 alarm call
• 2 neighbour dispute calls
• 4 Mental Health Act calls
• 3 medical assist calls
• 6 assist citizen calls
• 1 theft call
• 1 shoplifting call
• 1 theft...

Male arrested for drug possession after he is found sleeping in car

Posted on Wednesday, 13 February 2019 03:22 PM

Release Date: February 13, 2019

On February 11, 2019 at approximately 12:54 p.m. police responded to a call regarding a male who was slumped over the steering wheel of his vehicle at an address on Concession Street. Upon arrival police spoke to the male accused who advised that he had simply been taking a nap. While speaking with the accused police observed a pipe used for smoking crystal methamphetamine and cocaine in the centre console of the vehicle.

Police arrested the accused and after...

Male arrested for domestic assault after barricading himself in residence

Posted on Wednesday, 13 February 2019 03:21 PM

Release Date: February 13, 2019

On February 11, 2019 multiple incidents of domestic assault were reported to police by the victim who had been in a relationship with the male accused for approximately two and a half years. The accused had moved in with the victim in 2017 however the relationship had deteriorated and by November 2018 the victim had ended their relationship. The victim had asked the accused to move out of her residence however he refused.

On November 11, 2018 an argument ensued...

Man charged after being caught in stolen car with drugs

Posted on Wednesday, 13 February 2019 03:20 PM

Release Date: February 13, 2019

On February 10, 2019 at approximately 8:50 p.m. police were travelling westbound on John Counter Blvd when they queried the licence plate of a vehicle, also westbound, and discovered that the car had been reported stolen from Ottawa. Police pulled the vehicle over in a west end parking lot and identified the accused as being wanted on a warrant out of Ottawa.

The accused was arrested and upon searching the vehicle police located a clear plastic baggy with a...